James L. Paris Complaint

You no doubt arrived at this page by doing an Internet search for the phrase “James L. Paris Complaint” or “James Paris Complaint” which makes you a shrewd consumer.  This is exactly what I do before making a decision to do business with a company.  Some people have posted the partial facts about a legal dispute I had with the State of Maine many years ago, and you may have seen some of this information while doing your due diligence on me.  It is true that in 1998 some of my clients lost money due to the embezzlement of my accountant (my own brother).  See the entire story of my brother’s embezzlement Carmen Paris embezzlement.

Additional information about Carmen G. Paris’ Theft:

As a result of the embezzlement of Carmen Paris, I had no other option left but to file for personal bankruptcy.  The James L. Paris State of Maine Complaint (referenced on a few websites) was a civil action (not criminal) that I chose to settle rather than enduring lengthy litigation. This was due to the time and cost that would have been involved.  There was never any finding that I had violated any laws, nor did I make any admission to having done so.  And why would there be?  I was a victim of the embezzlement myself alongside my clients. We lost our family home, vehicles, my businesses, I was completely insolvent as a result of the theft of my brother.  I personally reimbursed the Maine investors for all of their losses due to the embezzlement of my brother.

As of the date of this letter, I hold securities licenses in several states (including my home state of Florida).  This is all a matter of public record, and you can contact the State of Florida to confirm this.  Of course, I would not be able to continue to possess these licenses and withstand the required background checks if I was guilty of the implied misdeeds some have suggested online. *** Update: July 2012 – I have decided to discontinue my securities licensing and focus 100% of my time on teaching and writing.

I made a big mistake about a fifteen years ago by trusting a family member entirely too much with my own money and that of my clients.  I have apologized to each person harmed by my brother’s actions.  I have done everything I know to do to pursue him legally on their behalf. 

If you have any questions about this matter, please feel free to contact me personally jim@christianmoney.com

Thank you for considering the full account of this matter.